Giving you the inside track to real business demand for your digital media


WIDEIDE is creating a market place open to professional creators of digital media, giving direct access to real demand from creative and media companies around the world. If you are among the best of the best and want your work to be ‘seen’ ‘heard’ or ‘watched’ then read on, WIDEIDE can help,

Finding just the right digital media for buyers is hard; it takes lots of time and time that costs money, lots of money. Our buyers want to avoid the pain and cost of having to spend hours – or even days – searching for relevant media. They simply want to state what their demand is and only deal with the best creative professionals to supply them with that media. We are creating a pool of the best ‘established and emerging’ talent in the digital media arena, to provide the leading creative and media companies in the world with that perfect piece of digital media, by giving you the inside track about their demand.


Demand Brief

WIDEIDE is about quality & collaboration. Once you are registered with WIDEIDE, we will send you appropriate demand briefs from clients around the world – you simply need to respond by telling us where we can find your appropriate and relevant media that meets the Demand Brief. As long as it is on one of the stock libraries we partner with, we can bring it to the attention of our buyers. Which stock library you choose to use is up to you – and your content is still available on that stock library for other sales, in the normal way that it is today.



WIDEIDE also curates content under specific Themes to make it easier for our buyers to find what they are looking for (we curate media according to categories where most content sales are made e.g. Events, News, Brands, Celebrities and Locations). In a straightforward way, you will be able to link your relevant media to those curated Themes and allow business buyers to see your work. 

One of our objectives is to get the right balance of supply and demand. It would not be useful to you if we had tens of thousands of creatives all chasing one demand brief. At WIDEIDE, we are creating a select and limited pool of highly professional Media Creators – the crème de la crème of photographers, graphic artists, animators, video makers, audio artists, etc. – to service the needs of creative and media businesses. We are looking for the very best Media Creators to join us.

There are no costs involved to you and you do not need to change the way you currently work with stock libraries – you do not need to upload any content to WIDEIDE, licensing and payment is still between the buyer and the stock library. Payments to you will continue to be made to you, as they are today by the stock libraries.

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If you are interested in working with WIDEIDE, please contact us and tell us a little about yourself (name, location, types of content you create, any specialist subject areas and any other information you feel is important) and which stock library we can view your work - Contact Us now