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We help business buyers of digital media make smarter use of online stock libraries. At WIDEIDE we seek out ‘quality’, we only partner with the best in their field, from the specialist niche libraries to global volume providers, of all forms of media.

We use our partners APIs to connect WIDEIDERelevance™ innovative search technologies to empower digital media buyers to search across multiple leading stock libraries at one time, returning to them only truly relevant results.

We provide the tools that will save you time, increase the relevance of your searches and prevent you being in a situation where you have to search multiple stock libraries one by one again. We do this by providing you with three different approaches:


There will always be days when your timescales are ‘by yesterday’. QuickSearch allows you to conduct immediate searches in one, some or all of the stock libraries we aggregate across and employing WIDEIDERelevance™ innovative search technologies, our advanced software technology will filter for even greater relevance.

Demand Brief

Instead of going out to search stock libraries yourself, you can easily set up a specific request to find all forms of digital media to fulfil a brief that you are working on. Tell us what you are looking for through our demand brief function and WIDEIDE will collaboratively curate it with media creators and then bring back only relevant media to you. We only work with the crème de la crème of established and emerging professional creative talent providing content to those libraries – making that pool of talent immediately available to you. Typically this approach is used when you are in forward planning mode and you have a number of days (or even weeks) to gather and consider relevant content before licensing it.



We curate relevant content within the themes where most business demand exists (events, news, celebrities, brands and locations). Whether you are looking for content related to the Academy Awards or breaking news stories, you can easily find it in Themes. Typically this approach is used when you are working to shorter timescales (or when you are simply looking for inspiration).

With all three approaches, when you see something you want to look at in more detail, we provide you with the facility to drill straight down to that particular item of digital media in the stock library holding it, where you can license it in the way you normally do today – working the way you are used to working and not introducing additional layers of licensing and payment methods. WIDEIDE’s role is to curate the media into one place for you and once we have found the right, relevant item of digital media, you can continue to deal directly with the stock library. We can effortlessly bring you into this new way of sourcing relevant media from stock libraries.

We also aim to continually develop WIDEIDE, taking on suggestions for new and improved ways of working from you and we welcome your recommendations. Our research to date, with Media Buyers in the creative and media sectors, tells us that most companies spend more money on the hours spent searching stock libraries for relevant digital media than they do on actually buying it and we believe our solution is solving this problem. However, we want the evolution of WIDEIDE to be ‘driven by people in the creative sectors, for people in the creative sectors’ so if you have suggestions for improvements or additional services we’d be happy to hear from you.

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